A Choice

A time when someone else made a choice that affected me was when my dad made a choice to cheat on my mom. That affected me really strongly because everything I had known our family to be was destroyed. Twenty years of a relationship thrown away over something that could have been avoided.

At first it had a negative impact on my life. Watching my dad keep lying to my mom and saying he was done with the other female, yet calling her when he thought no one was up, or where he thought we couldn’t hear him. I remember my mom being at work and sitting in my room hearing him outside my window talking to the other female telling her he didn’t want to be with my mom, that he just wanted her. So of course I would tell my mom. My mom got sick of it and kicked him out. I had to watch her cry, which made me cry too. I was fourteen. I didn’t know how to help mend her broken heart.

He would pop up and beg for my mom back and though it was hard for her she always denied him. I remember several times telling him to leave her alone. Every time me and my siblings would go to his house he would constantly ask questions about my mom and then talk down upon her and I hated it. He had absolutely no room to talk.

One day my mom came to pick me up from his house and she didn’t want to go by his house so he wouldn’t bother her so he had me meet her at the store but my dad wouldn’t let me leave ’cause I wanted to talk to her. I had to sneak out and go to the gas station to call her. My dad made things so difficult on me and eventually started telling me I wasn’t his daughter anymore. But when I had enough of his disrespect and told him how I felt about him I was wrong for it.

Now four years later I realize everything has changed for the better. Me, my mom and my siblings are happy. We don’t have to deal with my dad and his drinking issues, even though he does still bring our family some problems, like popping up at my little brother’s school and trying to force him to leave with him and being just rude and disrespectful talking bad about me and my mom. I am happy to say that I am perfectly happy without my dad in my life.