Raggedy Juvenile

These poems were written by three friends and intended to be read as a set.


Dirty old jail

Cold iceberg room

Only three blankets

Mat as thin as a piece of flat bread

Wake up at eight a.m.

Same breakfast every other day

Room so bright it burns your eyes

When you wake up

Makes you want to drop, cover and hide

Same staff every day, same attitude

Same situations

Same clothes

Bright neon sweater looking like a highlighter


Can’t stand these people

They think cuz you in jail you a nothing

They think cuz you in them jail cuffs, they above you

Can’t stand these people . . .

Every time I wake up it’s always something

Until they find out the real ME is coming

I got this hot ^&*( coming and it’s gonna be something

I can’t stand these people

I can’t stand authority

I tried my hardest but it ain’t going

I had a month of hell

It’s time they know the inner me

I lead the line

Ain’t no following with me!

And when they tell me to follow the rules

I can’t help but give ’em bull

I can’t stand these people

Shout to the raggedy juvenile!


I hate this place

When someone farts, you know

When someone poops, take cover

And if you use the bathroom, pray it’s not during lockdown

If a staff talks to you crazy, bite that tongue

Cuz her smart self ain’t worth it

Goofy boys asking for favors

Easy females craving attention

On an old diabetic person’s diet

Case forwarded