A Time in My Life

There was a time in my life

When I thought I wouldn’t make it

I was taken from my mother

So much hurt I couldn’t take it

Give up, never gonna make it

Voices in my head was tellin’ me

but I didn’t give up

I tried to push through the agony

I’ve been through a lot of hurt

So in life it’s hard to be happy

It’s a blessin’ I know

At two years old

I was taken into a family

And adopted at four

But I was thinkin’ in my head

How could you love me when my real one don’t love me anymore

But I had to wake up

Face reality as it is

It’s a shame I was thinkin’ all these things as a kid

And all you kids talking ’bout my life is bad

Be grateful you know your mom

Be grateful you know your dad

And stop all that complaining

And be grateful for what you have

See I’m so glad God gave me a family who truly cares

He opened up my eyes to show that someone’s there