Ages are Stages

The abuse started at the age of four

Crying her eyes out her body worn

Feelings torn and her heart crushed

Losing her innocence to a man she trust

She screamed for help scared of rejection

Not even her mother showed compassion

Years pass by and she wanted revenge

Age of fifteen working for a King Pin

Low self-esteem and cruelty guiding her way

Chaos and hatred filling the days

Slangin’ Dimes and Dubs from Pine to Bell

Until one day when rain turned to hail

Little mama free moving fast with rush

Blue and red lights she’s caught in a bust

Six month in juvie and went back home

Only to turn back and rebel against her mom

Frustration and despair ruling her mind

Now she wishes she could turn back the hand of time

Trying to find love and acceptance from anyone

A little over a year she had a son

Determination and resilience began to give way

Becoming a better mother with each day

Hey eighteen she’s finally an adult

On the financial side a bit broke

Working long hours trying to finish school

Young lady met a man she thought was cool

Pimp turned her out to be a prostitute

On her back making money became all she knew

Loyal and spoiled that’s what she was

Cashing in racks in exchange for his love

He gave love tender most time it was tough

Hell who cared she hadn’t expected much

Everything that glitters isn’t always gold

She slept alone with no man to hold

Black eyes and blue jaws even broken toes

A trip to the hospital was all she had to show

Wandering and worrying of what was happening

Quickly she found a way out of what she was trapped in

On her own again with lack of direction

Fast money and danger remained her attraction

Still not aware of what she was worth

Twenty-one years old she expressed her hurt

Perseverance and integrity clear in sight

Past decisions came back to bite

Now on the road to finding who she needs to be

This person this flesh is not she

Her spirit is youthful her heart kind

Faith and respect is in her design

Family and friends standing with me

As I wait behind bars for the day to be free