Anger Around Me

Anger and violence is all around me

Sometimes it’s really hard to find peace

Living life in jail and out people act tough

They actin’ up till they see the heat

Round after round shells lay at they feet

Funerals a lot of days weeping and aching pain

Some people joke around laughing and playing games

Till they actually get a hot one and feel my pain

Lost my mom in sixth grade got hookin’ groups, soon caught up in gangs

The pain inside is like never ending rain

It’s hard dealing with deaths, I couldn’t even rest

Kinda hate to deal with this **** even at my best

Past feelings keep coming left and right

Goin’ to the studio to clear my mind

The life I live is full of crime

Heffas around me always talkin’ mess

But they can’t be talkin’ when they don’t own a dime

Always tryin’ a fight but they infant minded

So I don’t waste my time