I didn’t know how long my mom was standing there tweaked out, staring at an ant trapped in the window, waiting for it to come out. Her ant farm is huge and it takes up almost the whole wall. She built it herself, but questions it when she wakes up–the only time she’s ever sober. What’s so fascinating about ants when she geeks?

Every morning it’s the same routine. She searches the house for loose change to get a little extra for the ride home. For the most part she stays out of my way but lately she’s been asking me about my job. Little things like what I do, who is all there, and how much I get paid. But I pay the bills so I don’t have no money to let her “borrow” anything. She doesn’t eat, so I only buy food for one. Nothing goes to waste because whatever leftovers I have, I give them to her ants. They will outlive her.