Breaking the News

As the attorney picked up the phone to call my mom to break the news about why I’m locked up, tears ran down my eyes. My heart and mind began to race. Will she think I’m a criminal, a monster, evil, cold-hearted? Will she think, this isn’t my daughter, she would never do this? I felt as if I had let everyone down, including myself.

The attorney broke the news to her. My ears couldn’t take it, for I have lost myself inside an empty world filled with many people. I’m innocent, I continued to tell myself, innocent, innocent, but the more he went into detail, the more my mind changed within a second, like Seattle’s weather. You’re guilty!

I heard my mother saying, “What? No. That wasn’t her.” They ended the conversation.

I stood up and walked out the door. Have you ever had that moment when you come home with a bad report card and you don’t even bother to make eye contact or talk to anyone? Except this time I won’t be going home.