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Not Tryna Party

I’m downtown. It’s not THAT cold, but it ain’t warm. My friend Jenny and I are left without anywhere to sleep that night. She says not to worry, she can get some guys to pick us up. In my head, I’m bouta fire on her cause this is the third time she has had GUYS pick us up and I’m tired of waiting in the car while her and the guys go do something “real quick”.

But we have no place to sleep that night so I go along with it. They pick us up and tell us they’re having a lil party and I AM NOT TRYNA PARTY so I let ’em know I’m just gonna smoke and chill.

We get there, and I smoke and chill.

My Friend

I’ve never seen someone so empowering, I guess you can say. His personality is way bigger than his small self. That’s what taught me not to judge a book by its cover. Never loud but not quiet, his presentable voice has him known by everyone I know and people I don’t know. He’s so loved by many, it’s scary to be involved in his life. His sister tells me there are people looking to “kill” him that are his age, and also grown men. He’s too sociable, but so passionate and caring. Especially to me.

After being around him for fifteen minutes, I already had a sense of who he was, but now I know more. He’s a foster child but is still loved by his real sisters–unlike his foster mom, who doesn’t even have holiday dinners with them, but with HER family. I understand why he is the way he is, which is sociable, loved, outgoing, but you’re not able to tell what kind of mood he’s in. Unless you ask. Which I don’t think he’d like.

I think not having a family is what has drawn him to seek other relationships, as in friendships and even me. But it’s sad that a majority of the crowd he’s known by is the “wrong” crowd, which has gotten him in juvy, where I am today, I believe many more times than me. We’ve even been in here together–twice!

I love him to death now, when I used to just be so annoyed by him, but that was in one day of biology, thinking he was just a bad kid. But after being with him through friends for a day, we were drawn to each other. Even thought I ‘m quiet, I somehow stuck out to him. Since then, I’ve never met a giuy who’s more genuine and loving. Even though we’re not still together we still love each other as friends. He’s just so inspiring because people are usually judged by their covers, but all these people seemed to look past that to love him as much as I do.

On any given day, more than 100,000 teens are incarcerated in the United States. Countless more are considered “at-risk” for incarceration, based on factors such as homelessness, poverty, gang membership, substance abuse, grade retention, and more.

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