For Christmas…

All I want for Christmas is…

A big mound of presents for me

But of course I will write a card for the 

people’s generosity

I want a new phone case

Just in case my phone should fall and crack

And better will do, maybe one with a retractable back

I wanna be singing some carols

And wear Christmas apparel 

As we wait for Saint Nick’s arrival

We eat glazed ham made by Michael

After dinner we play a game of Skip-Bo

As rivals run high

And with tears in my eyes

I lose all my gummy bears

I beg my mom to refill my bag

But she shrugs and says she don’t care

It’s Christmas morning, there’s snow outside

I pass the time, watching snowflakes go by

As I open my present, I sigh with content

When I see the contents 

It’s the new book I wanted by Fly Guy

I think with my head, as I go to bed

Of Saint Nick with a spark in his eye

I go to sleep with a smile, cause

Another great year has gone by