For Kate

Sick twisted lies of our demise

I’ve cried and defied the law for you

Don’t point out my flaws

Connected and redirected our lives

It seems to me you’ve built it from lies

You wonder why I continue to fly–

Feeling so blue

I never knew if it was true–

Whether you really cared for or about me

There are some days where I’d

Dare you to say you ****ing care

I don’t believe it would be fair

To say we’ve shared these feelings

Throughout this relationship I doubt

The sensations fit

You mistreated and misdirected me

I know I’ve made some mistakes

I’ve spent so long admitting my

Wrongs without shouting out my point of view

Focus my attention, I’m trippin’ as

You’re slippin’ through the grate

You and I were supposed to fly

Forever, till we die together

We are aware that we share

This fate, all the way to this very date

So I ask you this before I leave:

Why, Kate?