For Myself

For myself, I will stay out of meth and black

I will stay out of that drug scene and far away

From the people that are involved with it

I may proceed to use responsibly and rarely

pills, mushrooms, acid, LSD and pot

I am an addict. Addiction.

I love my sister, I love to read, and I “love” to get high

I chase it

Addiction is painful, selfish, scary

And “it’s me”


Addict or drug user?

Person or object?

Why risk the family, friends and love

For something that won’t be there when you wake up?

Sick person, people


My close friend disappeared in one

I don’t trust those places

Familiar faces would show in there

A place full of sick people?

I miss my home, I miss my back porch–three blocks away

I miss filming the drug addicts

The exciting, disgusting, gnarly people that walk down 12th Ave.

Needles, pipes and drugs that junkies chase