It was a bright sunny morning when Carrie woke up. She was excited. This was the day. This was the day that everything would change. For months Carrie had wanted to cut her hair. She told all her friends she would, but nobody believed her. But today she would prove to them that she wasn’t joking.

On the drive to the shop, she quickly got on her phone, typed in her password and opened Snapchat. She took a picture of herself and added a caption, “Goodbye luscious locks, hello death spikes.” After spending five minutes contemplating, she tapped on the “Add to story” icon. Now there was no going back.

As Carrie and her uncle walked into the salon, the stylist immediately called her name. “Carrie?” Carrie stood up and followed the hairstylist to her station. When she sat in the mildly comfy chair, Carrie showed the stylist what she wanted. She immediately responded, “Oh! That’s going to look cute.” Carrie smiled, but she hated that word. She didn’t know why, but it pissed her off. After twenty-nine minutes and sixty-one dollars, Carrie finally had the hair she wanted. She was so happy. She was so used to her hair flapping in the wind. But now Carrie actually enjoyed the windy days.

The next day was a school day. The most hated day by all who had a life: Monday. When Carrie showed up at school, nobody recognized her. She walked up to her friends with a high self esteem boost. Her friends’ jaws dropped to the floor. As the day went on, her friends kept forgetting that she had short hair.

After three amazing months with short hair, Carrie knew it was time. Time to tell her uncle, who she was living with, that she was gay. There was no need to come out to her friends because apparently it was “blatantly obvious.” When Carrie came home from a long day at school, she sat down in front of the TV and asked her uncle if they could talk. He looked confused and turned the TV off. Before she told him, she showed him that she got a 4.0 GPA for the first school semester. When his smile grew wide and bright, Carrie let out her butterflies and broke the news. She thought he was going to beat her or kick her out of the house.

Instead he took a moment to process the info he just received. He stood up, looked at her beautiful blue eyes, and said, “Carrie, I’ll always love you. Whether you marry a girl or a boy, you’ll always be my smart, beautiful little girl.” That warmed Carrie’s heart. She and her uncle shared a warm hug. Then they both sat back down and watched the Golden State Warrior game while bragging about her 4.0 GPA. Now she knew she had nothing to worry about.