Have you ever wished upon a star?

Yes, when I was little, every time I would get to wish something, I thought it would work. Every shooting star, every birthday wish, when I would blow on a dandelion, I remember I would always wish for my dad to stop drinking and to get his &*%& together and care for me and my siblings. All I wanted was a family. I used to be mad at him for choosing alcohol over his own children. I remember I used to say I wasn’t his daughter but when he got sick, me and my siblings got to visit him in Mexico and we spent time together as a family and I loved that those days were the happiest days I’ve had my whole life. I would do anything to spend at least ten minutes with him again. When my dad passed I had to keep all of my feelings inside. I couldn’t talk to anyone. I was in pain for a long time and I still am. I will never “get over it”. I miss my parents so much. I wish I got to know my mom. I can’t even remember her face. I only know that female in the pictures is her because of my siblings.