Life Goes On

Poverty and wealth

Both in the same category

Dirty money

Always a tear shed

Or a drop of blood for the things desired

Intelligence and knowledge gained

From the things you’ve lived and done

People come and people go, life moves on

Greed takes over, every man/woman for their own

Money, drugs, prison, death

and then

Something new


Education, a different insight

Respect for others

Friendship, every man/every woman not



Seeking guidance and understanding

The ways life goes on

Love to be connected with that

Special somebody a way only you

Two could understand

Life goes on

Change happens

Innocent and guilty blood shed

Struggles and lots of them

Sacrifices had to be made some not

So easy

Change, success

A constant game of chess, but no

Checkmate till the end. It’s called life

It’s called his life

But viewed through my eyes

The thoughts and time spent together

My boyfriend is just another soldier

To me he is strong and wise

We all have our differences and faults

But to him I give my all and forever

Loyalty–for he is loyal and he hurts

And he struggles. That’s what life does

But he keeps his head up and spreads

Knowledge. Young heart, old mind.

A battle still fighting. Who am I to

Put more pressure? I put nothing

But support, love and peace of mind.

Young love, people laugh. But as my

Boy says, life goes on.