When I was little I remember I used to get a lot of Christmas presents and believe in Santa… until I caught my grandma putting a Christmas present under the tree. But I kept quiet and hushed and I walked back to bed. But once I started growing up I realized there was no tree or presents at home. I told Grandma, “What happened to Christmas?” She said Santa died. But I knew it wasn’t that. It’s because she couldn’t afford gifts cause family wasn’t helping anymore.

I just want to say I hope this year is better and I can get out of here and be with family for Christmas except my dad because he’s in Mexico. I wish my people that are in heaven with God a Merry Christmas. And my one brother in jail, *Berto, and my most loved brother, *El Gato. Hope they get out before Christmas. And my ex that I still love, I hope he changes and has the best Christmas ever. I know he might treat me bad, but I still love him.