My Crazy Life

By the time I was twelve years old I had been through so much that I smoked weed and got drunk on a daily basis to numb the pain of not having any family and being in foster care. Soon after, I was in the streets fighting, gang-banging, stealing and robbing. By the time I turned fourteen I was doing coke and having sex. All I did was run the streets and sit in juvie. I was always sleeping on people’s couches or in guys’ beds or else would have to sleep on the bus or stay out in the cold all night. Now I am sixteen and I’m in jail for a class A+ felony facing a lot of time. But inside I knew my life would end up like this—dead or in jail. I’m kinda like my mom when she was  younger cause she was living the fast life, selling drugs, and always high. It’s like she passed it on to me cause she did six years in prison and now it’s my turn.