My Name

*Names changed to protect privacy.

My original name is Laneda but I go by La’taya. The reason why I go by La’taya is because people usually get me and my mom’s names mixed up because of how similar they are. My name is Laneda, right? But my mom’s name is Lanida. Me and my mom look just alike as well. It’s kinda crazy because people get us mixed up and sometimes they think she’s my sister or I’m her mom. It’s kinda embarrassing but at the same time I didn’t pick out La’taya, some people at my old/new school did.

It all started on my first day of sixth grade. My mom came into my school with me and we went into the office and the principal shook my hand and said, “Welcome to Lakota, Ms. La’taya.”

I was so confused on who La’taya was because my name is Laneda, so I looked at him and said, “Uh, who’s La’taya?”

He looked at me and said, “Oh, I apologize, you just look like a La’taya.” So then as time went by the name (La’taya) became popular in the school and across Federal Way and now everyone knows me by La’taya and not just in Federal Way but mostly everyone around the world knows me by La’taya now.