My Personal Utopia

I’d be the first ruler of a new country. It would be called Unicorn, and the first law would be that all were created equal and the government would see to it that it works that way. It would be full of the extra most bestest things in life, quite an oddity if you ask me. On Valentine’s Day, we’d decorate trees with candy hearts and have assorted festivities. And our Fourth of July Spectacular would be set to a Michael Jackson medley centered around earth songs with raining candy and unicorn currency.

Unicorn would have more peace, tranquility and bunnies than any other country. It wouldn’t have any involvement in wars and the likeness. In Unicorn, August would be Auguly so we’d have another month of summer. And we’d have meals ten times more than currently. We’d value the no-sleep podcast because it’s the greatest thing invented. There would be a building made entirely of Jelly Bellies, sour jelly beans.

Everyone in Unicorn would have a bumblebee- sized dog as a pet. Our national candy would be a uni-cone of chocolate love filled with a variety of rainbow sweets. Our kids would have a giant mural that shifts to their current motivation. And each summer they would volunteer as pig brooders on a farm. The young ones would spend an hour a day with Blues Clues learning to solve mysteries and riddles. They’d arrive in school every morning in time warpers so they’d never be allowed to be late. They’d play violets, a combination of a trumpet and violin. And the snow would fall in iridescent flakes displaying holograms on the ground .And they’d have 1,000 red shirts and would eat taffy before dentist appointments.