Safe Spot

My ideal safe, comfy spot would be on a small beautiful island in my own shack. I would decorate it in a Bohemian romantic style. I would paint the walls light yellow and decorate the place with fake, bright red roses. I would decorate the bar with candles and vases with real roses. I would put meaningful paintings up, and family pictures. For furniture, I would have a hammock, and a sunken, comfy chair with pink fur on it as a cover. I would hang a champagne chandelier. I would have plants/mini cacti decorating the place as well. I would also have a bookshelf full of my favorite books. I would have a white fur rug in the living room. I would paint daisies on the yellow wall, along with a beautiful garden on the wall. I would also keep champagne and tequila and Henny on the bar with pretty glasses.

After all my ideal decorating, I would kick back in my hammock, then lay out on the beach and enjoy my peace.