Street Survival

*This collection of street survival tips was written by three friends.

I’ll tell you one thing about the streets. Mind your own, don’t be a hero nor a bystander. My momma told me never to go out without direction because if you’re going somewhere you won’t try to save someone that doesn’t want to be saved or have time to watch drama. There’s always going to be something going on, why you think the street is never cleared? The streets give the city life and if it’s not your life, carry on. But just because it’s not your own don’t think you’re one to judge.

How to stay alive and keep your valuables on the street as efficiently and effectively as possible:

For a female, keep anything valuable (money, jewelry) in your bra. For men, the waistband is a good option.

Do not follow a stranger anywhere! Not into a car, an alley, and certainly not a hotel room.

Don’t flash gang symbols or colors, especially if you’re not in a gang.

Not very smart to be loitering, especially around bars, gas stations on street corners or near any other loiterers.

Don’t be mentioning things like guns, drugs, or other illegal/controversial topics. They will only bring fighting and trouble.

Don’t be out super late, alone, intoxicated or dressed fancily/provocatively, especially not in known dangerous areas.

:Do not accept anything from strangers! It could have drugs in it, a location tracking device or something stolen used in a crime. Be smart and trust instincts.

When walking down Aurora you should wear appropriate clothing and walk down the street at a decent hour or else cars will honk at you, follow you and run after you. Make sure you carry protection–knife, mace, etc. Also make sure you’re not alone, buddy system, because I got chased.