The One Who Got Away

The One Who Got Away

Long cold night, missin’ your smile

Hurt cuz I know I’ma be here awhile

MIssin’ the days we used to laugh all night

You’re gone and I’m alone, nothing feels right

I close my eyes, and I see your face

My mind full of peace, and my heart full of grace

You’re my favorite soul, you shine so bright

Like the stars in the heavens, you are my light

My soul runs wild, my heart never rests

I fall apart in your arms but to you I’m still the best

Perfectly imperfect, trying to make a way

But here you come, my superman, forever saving my day

You’re my sun, moon, and all my stars

I luv you to Saturn, Jupiter and Mars

But it’s time for me to go now, I’ma miss the days

We used to lay on the beach and dream of running away

Praying with all my love we cross paths again some day

Hand in hand in the sunset, finally running away

If that day never comes, I’ll still love you 4ever

You’re my best friend for life, nobody loves me better

God had other plans, we had to go our own ways

For the first time ever . . . you couldn’t save the day

In the midst of it all, I pray you do better

Love yourself and stay strong . . . I love you 4ever

I know your heart hurts, you’re scared and alone

But remember God’s got you, standing tall on His throne