This Place

The water trickled down the rocks and fell with the body of water below. It made its way through the twists and turns of the riverbank. The wind brushed through the trees above, softly and ever so gently. The sun hit the green leaves and made them look bright and cheerful. Where each gap was, the sun shone and reflected the shadows off the leaves on the surface of the water. It was quiet, but not silent. You could hear the sound of the water and the wind through the leaves. It was peaceful. Beautiful. A leaf floats down to the water and lands leaving a ripple that expands and then vanishes. The faint sound of blue jays singing from the distance whispers across the edges of the rocks.

This place, this sacred place, is the only place that calms me. This is where I run and hide. This is where I go to cry. Here nothing can shake me. The trees here are my fortress. The water is my guide. The sun comforts me while the wind soothes me. Everything in this sacred place helps my troubled soul find release from the chains that shackle me.

I want to share this place with you. I want you to find peace in this harsh world. If I showed you the way, would you go there with me? Close your eyes and dream with me. Well go to a land of make believe . . .