This Time

This time . . .

I will be good

I will make sure whatever I do–

The consequences are understood

I won’t be so quick to take so many chances

This time I will tell myself that money’s not the most important thing

No matter what circumstances


This time . . .

I won’t have so much pride

I’ll tell you when I’m mad or hurting

Instead of covering it up and shoving it deeper inside


Oops! Now look, the tears are coming

It’s okay–go ahead, you need to cry

It’s time to slow down, take a break

You can’t keep running!


Wait! Sit down

And ask yourself

Why am I trying so hard

To please someone else?


This time . . .

I will be good

I may even do as I’m told

It just ain’t no fun no more

Hell–I guess you could say

It’s getting kinda old!