Trapped in a cell. Fighting a case that could possibly have me in here for awhile. They put you in a cell, expecting you to feel calm. Little do they know we’re going crazy. We’re trapped in this place where we have to follow their rules. We’re no longer in control. It’s hard, but I’m surviving. Crying myself to sleep sometimes because I realize I don’t want to be here. In a room where I can’t walk out when I want. I’m controlled, there’s a time you may come out.

I pray to God to get me out of here. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever make it out of here, but I haven’t lost hope. Every day is a blessing, but I hope I make it out of here. I’m young, but I’m fighting my way out of this. I’ve made some mistakes, I just want to follow the right path this time for real.

It’s not every day you get another chance. I promise myself to change my ways soon as I’m out of here for a better life, leading me to right instead of wrong, go to school, my work, and most of all choose right people to be around, because I know I can’t blame anyone for my actions, but choosing right people to be around makes my actions better than before.