Twiz Kids

I’m always busy I’m always late

Close the blinds and lock the gate

Shh! The silence is too loud

I’m concentrating on this cloud

Hand me those keys where’s my file?

I lost it in that laundry pile

What happened to gel pen #91?

I nodded off and now it’s gone

Wait! No! Stop! Don’t cut those wires

What’s that in your pocket? Are those my pliers?

Did anyone else just see that spider?

By the way that’s my lighter

Click! Click! Click! I hate this torch

I just heard something on the porch

I’ve been awake for sixteen days

And that same damn team is on the way

Meet me closer that’s way too far

And my best friend just stole my stolen car

Shadow monsters dash and dart

My computer’s in a thousand parts

Pull my string and watch me spin

While Christmas shopping at the bin

Are you finished making my I.D.?

The slot machines are calling me

Twizzle Twizzle little star

The can the kid and the mayonnaise jar!