Under the Rug

*Written in response to this illustration by Chris Van Allsburg

Under the rug! There’s something under the rug and I can’t quite catch it! I’ve been trying to catch it for days, hell, even weeks. Wherever I am, upstairs in the shower, while brushing my teeth in the mirror . . . I see it under the carpet. Reading in bed . . . under my carpet!

Oh, you’ll have to excuse me a minute. Hey, I gotcha this time, you can’t keep hiding . . .


Oh, no, not again! Every time, every time I think I’ve got it, it goes away. Crap. I’m not going crazy, right? You guys see it, right? Tell me I’m not crazy! Every day I just want to do normal things, but this carpet, this ^&*% carpet. Oh, crap, there goes the lamp. Excuse me for a moment.


Tears drop from my eyes. I just want to be normal. For once.