I am me

Nothing more than a teen

Everything I’ve been through

Is more than you’ve ever seen

I wish I was okay

I wish I wasn’t like this

I wish my brother didn’t die

I wish my dad was still alive

I wish *AJ was at home

So that my cousins weren’t alone

I wish I wasn’t born

I wish my family wasn’t torn

I wish my grandpa didn’t hurt

I wish my grandma saw her worth

I wish I didn’t run

I wish *Lil was here so we could have fun

I wish I didn’t make you worry

I wish my vision wasn’t blurry

I wish I could tell you sorry

I wish I could mean it

I wish handcuffs didn’t fit

I wish I wasn’t addicted

I wish you understood

I wish you understood that I’m only thirteen

Getting counseled by some dope

I wish you understood that I’m broken

Broken so much that I just can’t cope

I wish you understood that I’m hurt

My own mother wasn’t even there at my first

I wish you understood why I act the way I do

But every time I explain you ain’t seem to have a clue

I wish you could see that this is who I am

All my feelings and my thoughts spilled out through a pen

I wish you knew that I tried to be good

But I feel you knew all along that I could

I wish you knew that I’m thankful for your help

Now I go to sleep curled up in my cell